Hi! I'm Tim Saur

I'm a Life Coach with a focus on Health and Fitness.

Working with Tim has been a life changing experience. He helped me gain perspective in a way that enabled me to live the life that I deserve.
— Amber N.
Business Owner
I have lost weight, lowered my body fat, increased overall strength, and feel more energized than I have since I was in my late 20’s or early 30’s!
— Lance L.
Business Owner



I offer individual and group coaching to help people achieve their goals. I work with athletes, sports teams, and individuals all seeking to improve every area of their life.


Looking to gain energy, lose weight and powerfully deal with life’s stress? I can help you reach your health goals!


Master your kitchen and cook healthy for yourself or family. I teach dynamic fun-filled clinics in our kitchen or yours.


Available to come to your gym, office, studio or home, I lead high energy, hands on and interactive health workshops.

  • “I work with busy people just like you, teaching them how to thrive in their daily lives by achieving vitality, clarity and focus.

    Whether you’re just beginning your health journey—or are well on your way—I can help guide you get to the next level."

    - Tim Saur