I coach everyday folk who are looking to gain energy, lose weight and powerfully deal with life’s stress to competitive athletes who are looking to get to that next level in their performance.

Work with me in person or over the phone or internet. I can help you reach your health goals! 



Learn how to master your kitchen and cook healthy for yourself or a whole family.

I teach these dynamic fun filled clinics on site at TrueMed Institute or off site at your home or business. These clinics are hands on. I get everyone involved in the cooking process so put on an apron and get ready to get your hands dirty! The recipes and methods I use are simple enough for people with minimal cooking experience but are developed with enough pizzazz to inspire all level of cooks.



Hire me to come to your gym, office, yoga studio or home to lead one of my high energy, hands on and interactive health workshops.

Topics include Eating for Energy, Nutrition De-mythed and Finding Balance and Powerfully dealing with stress. My speaking would be a great addition to any corporate retreat or seminar.